4 questions the NY Jets must answer against the Ravens in Week 1

NY Jets, Joe Flacco
NY Jets, Joe Flacco / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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2. Will we see a better version of the same coaching staff?

The coaching staff led by Robert Saleh, Mike LaFleur, and Jeff Ulbrich has much to improve upon to begin the new season.

It starts at the top, where Saleh needs to show that he has led a staff to prepare adequately for a unique and talented Week 1 opponent. Beyond preparation, the second-year coach needs to make better in-game adjustments.

There were many times last season when the team would get off to a bad start on both sides of the ball and seemingly never be able to recover from being down early. Saleh is responsible for the mindset of the team which involves being able to take a punch and fight back.

On the offensive side of the ball, LaFleur gave fans glimmers of hope once he moved upstairs and officially claimed his title as 'Booth LaFleur'. Although the creativity was fun to watch, a lot of that came when the game was already out of hand.

For LaFleur to take the next step, having the offense start off strong will be an important factor during the game on Sunday. It will be hard to compete with the Ravens if the Jets are unable to put points up on the board after the first couple of drives.

Regarding Ulbrich, the only direction to go is up. The defensive coordinator had a tough season in 2021, and after a lot of investment on that side of the ball, he needs to step up and show he can lead a game plan effectively.

Ultimately, the organization should come out of this game feeling like there is clear improvement in the competency of the coaching staff considering they have had all offseason to prepare for Baltimore.