4 players the NY Jets could trade for a decent return this summer

NY Jets, Bryce Hall
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NY Jets, Bryce Hall
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1. Bryce Hall, CB, NY Jets

There's a sizable gap between how the Jets view Bryce Hall and how fans and analysts view Bryce Hall.

The Jets see Hall as a rock-solid CB3 who could start on teams with weaker cornerback rooms. He's excellent depth and a player the coaching staff very much likes, but he's not someone they view as irreplaceable. Not by a long stretch.

The feeling outside the Jets' building, however, is more favorable. Hall was ranked as a borderline CB1 by most metrics last season and seemed to prove himself as a long-term building block. At the very least, most see him as a starting-caliber player.

That gap in talent evaluation could prompt the Jets to trade Hall this summer, especially if another team has a higher opinion of him.

While Hall will be competing with Brandin Echols for the CB4 role in New York, there's a good chance he'd be in line to start on some other teams around the league. Cornerback depth in the NFL is at a premium as well — Hall has plenty of value.

The Jets would love to keep Hall and they absolutely value their cornerback depth, but most players have a price. Bryce Hall definitely has a price.

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Is that price a fourth-round pick? What about a third-round pick? It's hard to say exactly what other teams would offer and what the Jets would accept, but Hall is certainly someone who could be moved this summer.