4 players the NY Jets could trade for a decent return this summer

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4. Jacob Martin, DE, NY Jets

The Jets just signed Jacob Martin to a three-year, $13.5 million contract this offseason. The hope is that Martin will provide important depth to the Jets' pass-rush rotation with the youth and upside to develop into a key player for the team.

But what if that doesn't happen? What if Martin fails to impress this summer while others at the position shine?

Jacob Martin isn't guaranteed a roster spot, contrary to what some might believe. The Jets are just too deep at the defensive end position to consider him a roster lock. The only true "locks" are Carl Lawson, John Franklin-Myers, and Jermaine Johnson.

The odds are that Martin not only makes the 53-man roster but plays an important depth role in 2022, but it's worth exploring the possibility of a surprise summer trade.

While the Jets wouldn't be able to outright release him due to his cap situation, a trade is completely within the realm of possibility. If Martin is outplayed by the likes of Vinny Curry, Bryce Huff, Micheal Clemons, and others, it's a scenario the Jets could consider.

That's especially true if some team comes calling with an attractive offer. Would the Jets turn down a fourth or fifth-round pick for Martin? They might not.

This one is admittedly a longshot, but there's still plenty of logic behind it. Surprise moves happen every summer, and a Jacob Martin trade is exactly the type of realistic surprise that could happen.