4 players the NY Jets could trade for a decent return this summer

NY Jets, Bryce Hall
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The NY Jets are set to enter the 2022 season with their deepest roster, at least on paper, in recent memory. While the Jets may still be a little short on true superstar talent, the work Joe Douglas has done to improve the team's depth should not be overlooked.

In many ways, a lack of depth contributed to the team's shortcomings last season. The Jets were hit hard by the injury bug and didn't have the necessary depth to counterbalance their significant losses.

That hopefully won't be the case this season.

However, an increase in depth also comes with an increase in competition. Preliminary 53-man roster projections have shown that the Jets might be forced to make some pretty difficult cuts this year.

Positions like defensive end and cornerback are overloaded with talent and there isn't going to be a roster spot for everybody. That's why it might make sense for the Jets to explore the trade market.

For the purpose of this list, we're going to be focusing on players who could realistically be traded this summer with the caveat being that the Jets could receive a decent return for them.

That means players like Denzel Mims, Ty Johnson, or even Vinny Curry don't qualify. If the Jets can't get at least a fifth-round pick in return, the player isn't going to be on this list.

With that, let's take a look at four players the Jets could feasibly trade this summer for a decent return.