4 QB options if the NY Jets miss out on Aaron Rodgers

NY Jets, Lamar Jackson
NY Jets, Lamar Jackson / Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages
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2. The NY Jets can sign Jimmy Garoppolo

This is the most realistic fallback option for the Jets if they miss out on Rodgers. The Jets like Jimmy Garoppolo. There have reportedly been voices in the Jets' building pushing for Garoppolo this offseason, with some even preferring him over Derek Carr.

The potential fit is obvious, even with former offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur now in Los Angeles. Garoppolo has history with numerous members of the Jets' coaching staff, including head coach Robert Saleh.

The Jets are expected to run a similar offensive scheme to the one they ran last year — a scheme that Garoppolo is very familiar with from his time in San Francisco.

On top of that, unlike the likes of Rodgers and Tannehill, Garoppolo is guaranteed to be available. The Jets will have an opportunity to sign Garoppolo if they miss out on Rodgers.

The problem, aside from the massive talent gap between those two players, is that the Jets won't be the only team pursuing Garoppolo. Teams like the Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans, and Las Vegas Raiders are all reportedly interested in the former Patriots' backup.

There will be a bidding war for Garoppolo as he's expected to have a robust market. On top of that, Garoppolo isn't exactly a high-end quarterback target. He's never been anything more than a league-average QB, despite playing in the most favorable quarterback situation in the NFL.

There are genuine concerns about how Garoppolo will perform outside of that 49ers system, just as there are genuine concerns about his injury history. He's missed significant time due to injury in three of the last five seasons.

Garoppolo is a realistic, attainable contingency plan for the Jets if they miss out on Rodgers, but he would still be a considerable disappointment, given the other opportunities the team had this offseason.