4 young NY Jets that should see more playing time in 2021

NY Jets, Kenny Yeboah
NY Jets, Kenny Yeboah / Steven Ryan/GettyImages
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The NY Jets don't have much to play for over the final four games of their season, at least when it comes to wins and losses. Following a 30-9 loss to the New Orleans Saints in Week 14, the Jets have officially been eliminated from playoff contention for the 11th straight season.

Playing meaningless December games is a feeling that's all too familiar to both Jets fans and the organization as a whole. Not since 2015 have the Jets played meaningful games throughout the entirety of the season.

Results won't matter very much over the final month of the regular season. Sure the Jets would love to string together a couple of wins for this young team to build upon, but in reality, the outcome of these games won't matter much.

That doesn't mean the final four games of the season are entirely meaningless, however. Far from it, in fact.

The Jets could use this final stretch of the season to continue evaluating the young talent on their roster. That goes for both the obvious names like Zach Wilson and Michael Carter as well as some of the not-so-obvious names.

Rather than trot out proven veterans or players who might not have a future with the organization, the Jets could opt to play some of the younger players on their roster with the goal of further evaluating the talent at their disposal.

With that, let's take a look at four young players the Jets should give more playing time to over the final four games of the season.