4 former NY Jets draft picks who won't be on the team in 2024

Which Jets players won't be back next season?
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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1. Zach Wilson, QB, NY Jets

If reports are to be believed, the Jets have already informed Zach Wilson that he will be traded in the offseason. Whether that report is accurate or not, it's not hard to come to that conclusion.

The Zach Wilson era in New York has been an unbridled disaster. The former No. 2 overall pick was hailed as a franchise savior, and the hope was that he would finally end the organization's decades-long search for a long-term quarterback solution.

Instead, Wilson has been worse than them all. Worse than Sam Darnold. Worse than Geno Smith. Worse than Mark Sanchez. Heck, he's statistically been one of the worst quarterbacks in modern NFL history.

Wilson has shown modest signs of improvement this season after being thrust into a starting role again following Aaron Rodgers' injury, but his overall inconsistency hasn't improved.

Sure, his supporting cast this season has been far from ideal. He's better than Tim Boyle and Trevor Siemian and has played at a backup-caliber level at points this year. That doesn't mean it's not time to move on, however.

The relationship between Wilson and the Jets has clearly deteriorated — a product of him being benched for the likes of Boyle and Chris Streveler in consecutive seasons. It's hard to come back from that.

Much like with Becton, it's probably in the best interest of both sides to move on this offseason. Some team will be willing to take a chance on Wilson's upside and try to develop him for a year or two.

The Jets, meanwhile, should be focused on saving money and recouping whatever value they can from the trade. Bring back Aaron Rodgers, sign a better, more experienced QB2, and let Wilson find a new home in 2024.