4 easiest roster decisions for the NY Jets this offseason

NY Jets, Ryan Griffin
NY Jets, Ryan Griffin / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
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The NY Jets are going to have their fair share of roster decisions to make this offseason. From re-signings to free agency to the 2022 NFL Draft, the Jets will have no shortage of decisions to make.

General manager Joe Douglas knows that the pressure is on to field a competitive roster in 2022. Expect him to be more aggressive in an attempt to bolster the Jets' roster in a big way.

Some of the decisions Douglas will have to make won't require much thought. After all, many of these roster discussions have been going on for months now. The Jets probably have a good idea of what their offseason plans look like.

On the other hand, some decisions will be a bit more difficult. That goes for deciding which players to re-sign and how much to pay them as well as determining appropriate draft and free agency strategies.

Those aren't the decisions we're going to discuss today, however.

The decisions we're going to talk about are going to be rather straightforward ones. While nothing is certain, it's highly likely the Jets will attempt to make all four of the roster decisions on this list.

With that being said, let's take a look at the four easiest roster decisions the Jets have to make this offseason.