4 dream scenarios for the NY Jets in 2024

The Jets have legitimate Super Bowl aspirations in 2024
Aaron Rodgers
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4. The NY Jets WR corps behind Garrett Wilson takes off

One of the big Achilles heels of the 2023 team was how quickly the weaponry behind Garrett Wilson disintegrated into futility. This started with Corey Davis's surprise retirement in training camp and continued with a disappointing season from big-ticket free agent signing Allen Lazard.

By season's end, Garrett Wilson was joined in the starting lineup by two undrafted rookies, Xavier Gipson and Jason Brownlee, and the results were not pretty.

To that end, the Jets have made moves to revamp the receiver room, highlighted by signing free agent receiver Mike Williams and drafting the electrifying Malachi Corley. Those moves combined with the hope of development of the aforementioned young players could make this group a potent unit.

At its full potential, this group features an intriguing mix of complementary skill sets that could work in concert to become one of the most dangerous units in the league. Complementary football is what the best teams put in place to win championships — and that kind of potential lies here.

For example, Williams excels as a deep ball tracker and contested catch threat. That then opens up the intermediate area of the field for Wilson to operate where he shines the most, and both of those players take attention away from the short area where the "YAC King" Corley feasts.

All of that opens up options for a cerebral QB in Rodgers who is adept at making the split-second decision on where the best opportunity to do maximum damage is. It also means fewer stacked boxes for star running back Breece Hall to contend with, making the ground game that much more potent.

The Jets haven't had a truly dangerous receiver corps since the Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker-led unit in 2015. It would be a dream come true to see the offense truly reach its full potential on the backs of these exciting and diverse wide receivers.

If any of the above dream scenarios come true, the Jets will be an especially dangerous team in 2024. If more than one comes true, they move to the upper echelon of contenders. Finally, if all four scenarios come to fruition, it would be a pretty good bet that the Lombardi trophy will reside in East Rutherford and the conclusion of the season.

These may not all be the most likely outcomes though all are within the realm of possibility, but it's June and this is time to dream big.