4 dream scenarios for the NY Jets in 2024

The Jets have legitimate Super Bowl aspirations in 2024
Aaron Rodgers
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The NY Jets' roster certainly looks the part of a Super Bowl contender, but as we know, the way things play out in the regular season is anything but a certainty.

Most of the time we think about uncertainty in negative terms, but sometimes there are positive surprises that arise out of uncertainty. That could be a certain player exceeding expectations, an injury-prone player having a healthy year, or a young player realizing their potential faster than expected.

Today we're going to dive into that uncertainty and discuss four dream scenarios for the Jets that may play out during the 2024 season. All of these are within the realm of possibility, so while they might not be likely outcomes, they shouldn't be dismissed as pipe dreams either.

1. NY Jets QB Aaron Rodgers returns to MVP form

The Jets don't need Aaron Rodgers to play like an MVP candidate in order to meet their Super Bowl aspirations. They've built a roster that features a top-five defense, a top-three running back to take the pressure off the future Hall of Fame QB, and enough weapons and playmakers that he doesn't have to shoulder the load.

That said, an MVP performance from your QB never hurts anything. Rodgers is a four-time MVP who won back-to-back awards in 2020 and 2021. Those two seasons were among the absolute best in his illustrious career. They also came on the heels of many believing that the then-36-year-old was on the decline.

In 2019, Rodgers completed 62 percent of his passes for 4,002 yards, 26 touchdowns, and four interceptions. It was an efficient season, but not one that blew everyone out of the water. In 2020 he responded with a league-best 48 touchdowns with 70.7% completions, 4,299 yards, and only five interceptions.

2021 was similar for the legendary QB. He went for 4,115 yards, 37 touchdowns, and just four interceptions while completing 68.9% of his passes. This performance silenced all his critics while earning him his second consecutive MVP award.

As we know, 2022 was not up to the same lofty standard for him and 2023 was cut short due to injury. Rodgers has always been at his best with a chip on his shoulder, silencing critics and making doubters look stupid on his way to greatness. The 2023 trade also seemed to reinvigorate him, as he fully embraced the Jets and their fans.

A motivated Rodgers is capable of doing incredible, almost superhuman things. His motivation should only be intensified given the doubts raised after his devasting Achilles injury grounded his 2023 season before it could even take off.

All of this means he could potentially return to his 2020-2021 form and play at an MVP level. That would truly be a dream for the Jets and make them among the strongest Super Bowl contenders in the league.