4 crazy stats from NY Jets improbable Week 8 win over Giants

Sunday's win over the Giants was one of the craziest NFL games in recent memory
NY Jets, Thomas Morstead
NY Jets, Thomas Morstead / Al Bello/GettyImages

The NY Jets somehow and some way beat the New York Giants 13-10 on Sunday afternoon. It was far from a pretty game for either side.

In fact, the game had some of the craziest offensive stats from any NFL game in recent memory. Below are some of the most bizarre stats from Sunday's win for the Jets.

1. Punting

The Jets and Giants combined for 15 first-half punts on just 20 possessions. It was the most first-half punts since at least the year 2000. The other first-half possessions weren't exactly productive either. The other five possessions featured two fumbles, a missed field goal, a made field goal, and one lone touchdown.

The two teams would combine for 24 punts, the most in an NFL game since 2003. Jets punter Thomas Morstead finished with 11 punts on the day, while Giants punter Jamie Gillan finished with 13.

Impressively, Jets punter Morstead finished with three punts downed inside the five-yard line, the most in an NFL game in history. Seriously, there is not a single other example of this happening in the last 53 years since the stat was tracked.

2. Third-down conversions

Both teams were embarrassingly bad on third down, combining to go just 4-34 (11.8%) on third downs. They combined to go 0/18 on third downs in the entire first half.

The Jets were 0/12 on third down before a Zach Wilson scramble with just two minutes left to go in the game. They would also convert a third down in overtime to finish 2/15 on third downs.

The Giants were equally, if not more so, embarrassed on third-down attempts. They finished 2 for 19 on third-down attempts, including a few missed opportunities late that would have ended the game.

The NY Jets entered the game as the worst team in the NFL on third down and it got significantly worse Sunday afternoon.

3. Giants passing yards

The Giants finished the game with -9 passing yards, the fewest in an NFL game since 2000 when the Browns also finished with -9 passing yards. They became the first team to throw for negative yards in a game that went to overtime in NFL history.

It was the fewest passing yards in team history for the Giants, who hadn't thrown for negative yards in any game since 1933. It was also the fewest passing yards the Jets had surrendered since 1977.

It was aided by a third-string quarterback being forced into action after Tyrod Taylor got hurt, an injured Darren Waller, pouring rain, and a phenomenal run game from Saquon Barkley.

Still, the Jets held a professional football team to -9 passing yards in a game that went to overtime.

4. NY Jets win probability

With 1:19 remaining in the game, the Giants had a 99.9% win probability. At that point, the Jets had one timeout left, and the Giants were facing a second and four. Fans poured out of the stadium, disappointed with the result.

The Giants then ran for two yards, and the Jets burned their final timeout. After an unsuccessful run play on third down, the Giants still had a 96.1% win probability as they lined up to kick the field goal with just 28 seconds left.

However, the Giants then missed the field goal, Zach Wilson completed two consecutive passes for 58 yards, and the Jets tied the game as time expired. They would win in overtime.

Almost miraculously, this is the second time in two years the NY Jets have won a game when the opponent had a 99.9% win probability in the fourth quarter. The other time came last year against the Cleveland Browns when Joe Flacco led a late comeback victory.