4 biggest mistakes NY Jets GM Joe Douglas made this offseason

Joe Douglas deserves a lot of blame for the team's offensive struggles
NY Jets, Joe Douglas
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2. Keeping Zach Wilson as QB2

The Jets couldn't have predicted Aaron Rodgers going down with a torn Achilles just four plays into the season. No amount of preparation could have prepared the team for that outcome.

That being said, going into the 2023 season with Zach Wilson as the team's primary backup quarterback was always a recipe for disaster. That's been proven once again this year.

Despite some slight signs of improvement, Wilson has largely been a mess for the Jets again in 2023. Wilson is far from the only issue in a broken Jets offense, but he is a noticeable one.

Wilson's ball security and pocket presence are nonexistent. His overall accuracy is still a major problem. He still holds onto the ball for far too long, exaggerating the team's already persistent offensive line issues.

Wilson is not a backup-caliber quarterback — every metric out there agrees with that notion. His career numbers are in line with some of the worst quarterback play the modern NFL has ever seen.

The Jets should have known this, especially after benching Wilson for Chris Streveler of all players last season. Instead, they went into the year with Wilson and the equally inept Tim Boyle as their only backup quarterbacks.

The Jets had the money to afford more capable backups such as Teddy Bridgewater, Gardner Minshew, Mike White, or even Case Keenum. They passed on every opportunity and stuck with Wilson.

This Jets team would probably have 1-2 more wins with at least semi-competent quarterback play this season. Instead, for whatever reason, they've remained loyal to one of the worst quarterbacks in modern NFL history.

Wilson is not the only issue, but he is a significant one.