4 biggest losers following the NY Jets 2023 NFL Draft

NY Jets, Michael Carter
NY Jets, Michael Carter / Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Connor McGovern, C, NY Jets

It came as somewhat of a surprise when the Jets re-signed center Connor McGovern just days before the 2023 NFL Draft. What was even more surprising was his ridiculously inexpensive contract.

The Jets re-signed McGovern to a meager one-year, $1.92 million contract. McGovern has been, at worst, a league-average starting center over the last two seasons. That contract, however, is less than what the Jets are paying Wes Schweitzer.

That should have been the first indicator that the Jets weren't done adding to the center position. Sure enough, the team went on to draft Wisconsin's Joe Tippmann in the second round of this year's draft.

Tippmann won't be handed a starting job, but he'll be given every opportunity to earn it in an open competition with McGovern this summer.

McGovern is a quality player who would start at center on a number of teams around the league. You have to figure he was aware that his starting job wasn't a lock when he re-signed. Still, it also wasn't a lock that the Jets would draft his direct competition just days later.

McGovern has now gone from a league-average starter to a potential depth piece just like that. His versatility to play either center or guard could come in handy for the Jets, but that doesn't make him more likely to earn the starting job.

The Jets' offensive line is loaded with depth and flexibility, which is good news for the team, but bad news for McGovern's chances of being a Week 1 starter.