Ranking the 4 best offensive coordinator candidates for the NY Jets

NY Jets, Greg Olson
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3. NY Jets OC candidate: Greg Olson

The Jets haven't interviewed Greg Olson yet, but plenty have speculated that the team would be interested, especially given the veteran coach's ties to Derek Carr. He deserves a spot on this list.

Olson is a longtime NFL offensive coordinator who has had stints in the pros with seven different organizations over the last 23 years. Perhaps most importantly, he was Carr's offensive coordinator from 2018 to 2021 before Josh McDaniels cleaned house.

Olson has ample experience working with quarterbacks and has found success as a play-caller as well. The Raiders ranked eighth in the NFL in yards per game in each of Olson's final two seasons in Las Vegas. They ranked 12th the year before, also under Olson's watch.

After leaving the Raiders, Olson spent the 2022 season as a senior offensive assistant under Sean McVay with the Los Angeles Rams.

With McVay staying for at least another season and the Rams expected to go in a different direction with their offensive coordinator hire, it would make sense for Olson to pursue other opportunities.

Perhaps that opportunity is with the Jets. If the Jets do end up hiring Olson, that would be a pretty strong indication that they're serious about their pursuit of Carr. Olson's history with Carr is certainly notable.

Olson wouldn't be a slam-dunk, can't-miss hire for the Jets. He's had some less-than-stellar offenses in the past. But he's also a very experienced coordinator who has found success in the NFL and who has ties to a quarterback the team is probably targeting.

Basically, he's a better version of Nathaniel Hackett. I could get on board with this hire.