3 winners and 2 losers from NY Jets' trade for Haason Reddick

Who are the biggest winners and losers from the Reddick trade?

Haason Reddick
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Loser: John Franklin-Myers, DE, NY Jets

Will McDonald isn't the only Jets defensive lineman whose role is a little less certain following the addition of Reddick. John Franklin-Myers is still an integral part of the Jets' defense, and Reddick doesn't exactly replace his role on the roster.

That said, the Jets now have increased flexibility along their defensive line, which might give the team some leverage as it pertains to his contract. That's exactly what ESPN's Rich Cimini speculated when discussing Franklin-Myers' situation following the Reddick trade.

Franklin-Myers is set to carry a cap hit of over $16 million into the 2024 season. The addition of Reddick could give the Jets the leverage to convince Franklin-Myers to take a pay cut.

There's also an outside chance the Jets simply opt to move on from Franklin-Myers if they're really desperate for money. Reddick likely eats into some of Franklin-Myers' snaps and could result in him losing some money. That makes him a potential loser in this trade.

Winner: Robert Saleh, HC, NY Jets

This move has Robert Saleh written all over it. Saleh certainly couldn't have liked to see the Jets move on from Bryce Huff this offseason, but instead of being forced to fill a gaping hole in his defense, his unit arguably got even better.

Reddick is one of only two players in the NFL, along with Myles Garrett, to record double-digit sacks in each of the last four seasons. He's recorded more than 50 sacks over that time and was a Defensive Player of the Year finalist in 2022.

Saleh's defense now contains arguably the best defensive line, linebacker room, and cornerback trio in the entire NFL. Reddick's versatility gives Saleh another chess piece to play with in what was already one of the best defenses in football.

Saleh lost one of his best defensive players this offseason and will still end up with an even better defense, on paper, than he had last year. There might not be a happier individual on One Jets Drive right now than the team's head coach.