3 ways the NY Jets can upset the Cleveland Browns in Week 2

NY Jets, Garrett Wilson
NY Jets, Garrett Wilson / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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2. The NY Jets must find success in their running game

The run game wasn’t really a factor for the Jets' offense in Week 1. Michael Carter went for 60 yards on 10 carries while Breece Hall went for just 23 yards on six carries.

The efficiency was certainly there, it’s just the volume that wasn’t. This is a facet of the game this team needs to start living by if it wants to remain a tough out on any given week.

Forget the flashiness of the pass game. You’ve got nice weapons now if you’re the Jets, but your quarterbacks are probably going to put you one step forward/two steps back every single week.

You’ve got a young and hungry offensive line, two nice young running backs, and a defense that can hold former MVPs to 2.8 yards a carry.

Lean on that run game. Control the time of possession. Wear these tough AFC North defenses out and soften them up.

It’s right there for the taking. This Jets team just needs to commit to it. Trust the running backs and the defense, Mike LaFleur.