3 types of NY Jets fans that will attend Week 1 against the Ravens

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They’ve Seen it All

The final group are fans that have been through the thick and thin with the franchise for decades.

They have attended nearly every home opener since the one and only Super Bowl victory the team has. Game day has become perfect science to this group - knowing exactly where to go, what time to be there, etc.

You’ll typically see a fan like this in a casual Joe Namath t-shirt, perfectly executing their barbecue responsibilities. The other important thing to note about this group is that when they hear other fans talking about how they think this could be the year things change or how this quarterback will be the franchise guy, they know better.

They will not be taking part in any hypotheticals because they’ve seen it all. These fans are here for the tradition and because for better or for worse, Jets fandom is a core part of who they are.

For these fans, we can only hope that they do actually get to see a stretch of high-level football, with the ultimate hope of another chance at a Super Bowl. That way there can be more than just No. 12 to hang their hat on.

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No matter what type of fan you are heading into the 2022 season opener, let’s hope for this being the start of something special with an upset win over the Baltimore Ravens.