3 types of NY Jets fans that will attend Week 1 against the Ravens

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The Seasoned Veterans

A seasoned veteran approaches the home opener much differently than that of a “rookie.” At this point, you might have a group of friends or family that you mark down the date on your calendar with to make sure you’ll be there for game one at MetLife.

This includes optimizing the timing of when to get to the stadium, the best parking lot to go to, and having all of the proper resources you need for a successful tailgate.

Some fans that have been to a couple of home openers already will attempt to prepare themselves to not get too high or too low. They’ve been there before and want to enjoy their time but not build unreasonable expectations.

Usually about 12:30 pm, any reasonable expectations have been thrown out the window. At this point you’ve already tossed a football for hours, drinks have been consumed, and you’ve been hyping up a position group on the team that is merely average.

Inevitably some members of the group will ride the emotion and bet on the Jets' moneyline to put their chips to the middle of the table (emotionally and financially).

The emotional gap between the ceiling and the floor for a seasoned veteran is very wide when it comes to the outcome of the game. A loss will usually lead to a frustrated group trying to manage to get out of a jam-packed parking lot.

The car ride home may be a quiet one after a letdown home opener as it can feel as though the hope of the season has been ripped out from you, especially after devastating losses such as those in recent years.

However on the other side, if the Jets win on opening day, the energy that you felt during the tailgate before the game will increase exponentially.

That type of NFL Sunday is what you dream of: recapping the biggest plays of the game, romanticizing what certain players could accomplish for the rest of the season, all while following the late games and checking on your fantasy football lineups.