3 types of NY Jets fans that will attend Week 1 against the Ravens

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With the NY Jets opening day coming up this Sunday, many fans are anticipating attending the first Jets game of the 2022 season at MetLife Stadium.

The vibes are always phenomenal arriving to tailgate outside of the stadium on a warm September morning. Hope is in the air and football getting started brings a new energy, signifying the start of a new season in more than one way.

The types of fans that attend a Jets home opener fall into a few different categories. In advance of Sunday's game, let's break down the types of fans who will be at the tailgate and in their seats (hopefully right on time by 1 pm).

The First-Timers

For some people, a season-opener will signify the first time they’ve ever attended a game. One of the first things you notice as a first-timer is the craziness of the Jets fan base when you arrive for the tailgate.

No matter how early you get there, you'll arrive and already see grills started with music blasting and pickup football in session. As a first-timer, it’s also fairly easy to sense the mix of hope and desperation from the fan base.

Jets faithful are so hungry for a winning team but also have succumbed to the notion that the team is cursed. It’s a roller coaster of emotion that is evident as you pass by different groups of fans; although at least to start a Jets opener, the feeling of hope typically outweighs the feeling of misery.

If you’re lucky and you witness a win during a home opener (it hasn't happened since 2017), that type of memory is likely to cement your Jets fandom for a while.

Personally, the first Jets game I ever attended was in 2010 when the Rex Ryan-era Jets defeated Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. While it wasn't a home opener, it is a memory that I have held on to throughout a very rough stretch in team history for the past decade-plus.

On the other side, if you attend a Jets loss, you’ll get to have your first time commiserating with the fan base. If you stick it around and support the team, it likely won’t be your last time.