3 trade packages the NY Jets can offer for Derek Carr

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NY Jets trade 2024 second-round pick for Derek Carr and a 2023 fifth-round pick

General manager Joe Douglas has mostly stayed away from trading away significant draft capital, opting instead for the "stockpile young talent on team-friendly contracts" approach. In essence, he's been playing the long game.

Apart from his pursuit of Tyreek Hill last offseason, Douglas hasn't really shown a willingness to part ways with valuable, high-level draft capital. That strategy might need to change, though.

The time for playing the long game is over. Douglas is entering his fourth offseason with the organization and his fifth overall season. The Jets need to make the playoffs this year or else Douglas' job is in serious jeopardy.

Perhaps, with that in mind, Douglas would be more willing to part ways with future draft capital, even if it requires paying a little extra. That's the ideology this scenario explores.

This trade package sees the Jets send a 2024 second-round pick to the Raiders in exchange for Carr and a 2023 fifth-round pick. The Jets receive all the 2023 assets in this deal, which fits their win-now mindset.

Future draft picks are generally equal to the value of one round later than their present-day counterparts. In simpler terms, the 2024 second-round pick roughly equals a 2023 third-round pick.

The Jets still send the Raiders the value they're looking for while they avoid giving up any current assets. If Carr is the answer for the Jets and they make the playoffs next season, that second-round pick won't be worth as much anyway.

It's always a gamble when teams give up future early-round picks, but it isn't much of a gamble for Douglas. Either Carr succeeds and Douglas is vindicated or Carr flops and the Jets GM doesn't have to deal with the ramifications of the trade because he'll be out of a job.

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Call this trade package Joe Douglas' Gambit. It's a gamble, but one that offers him a competitive advantage.