3 realistic trade packages the NY Jets can offer for Deebo Samuel

NY Jets, Deebo Samuel
NY Jets, Deebo Samuel / Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports
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NY Jets, Deebo Samuel
NY Jets, Deebo Samuel / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

2. NY Jets go the extra mile for Deebo Samuel

What if Joe Douglas wants to go the extra mile? What if he is so determined to land the Jets a star wide receiver that he offers more than he originally intended to? That's what this offer explores.

Right now, all reports suggest the Jets do not plan to move either of their first-round picks. Again, that makes sense given that they didn't need to do so to trade for Tyreek Hill.

But is Douglas willing to die on the hill of principle or is he willing to be aggressive, even at the expense of his innate roster-building philosophy? That's the question he has to ask himself.

The Jets have promised to be aggressive this offseason. Even just this past week Douglas insisted that the team would be aggressive if the "right opportunity" presented itself.

This is that opportunity. The Jets haven't exactly been shy about their pursuit of a wide receiver this offseason. From their attempts to land Calvin Ridley, Amari Cooper, and Tyreek Hill to their heavy scouting of the 2022 draft class, it's evident that the Jets plan to add a big-name receiver.

But how aggressive are they willing to be? In this scenario, they send San Francisco the 10th overall pick as well as a swap of fourth-round picks. The equivalent value is roughly the same as the first trade package.

Surely the 49ers would love to pick as high as 10th given that they don't select until the 61st overall pick right now. They might be more willing to accept this proposal.

The Jets, however, would be offering more than they initially intended. Joe Douglas would have a very interesting decision to make.