3 trade packages the NY Jets can offer for DeAndre Hopkins

NY Jets, DeAndre Hopkins
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NY Jets trade a third-round pick, a 2024 sixth-round pick, and Denzel Mims for DeAndre Hopkins

It's always fun to speculate about player-for-player trades in these mock proposals. If the Jets are acquiring a wide receiver, it would make sense to send one back in return.

The first player I considered was Elijah Moore. Moore's issues with the Jets were well documented this season and he's certainly more established than Denzel Mims, but I went with Mims for a couple of reasons.

For starters, Moore's skill set is a lot more redundant to other players on the Cardinals' roster. Mims fills a role that the likes of Marquise Brown, Rondale Moore, Greg Dortch, and Robbie Anderson don't.

On top of that, adding Moore to the deal would also significantly decrease the trade capital the Jets include — if they include any at all. I think the Cardinals would prefer the draft capital over Moore who has just two years remaining on his rookie deal.

So that's how we end up with the above trade package. The Jets send their third-round pick, a future fifth-round pick, and Mims to the Cardinals for Hopkins. Mims and a future fifth-round pick probably closely equate to the value of a 2023 fifth-round pick.

This allows the Jets, who currently only have six picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, to retain an extra selection for this year while also sending Mims to a team that should afford him more opportunities.

This is my favorite proposal on this list as it helps both teams equally in my mind. The Cardinals get a fair return given the circumstances while taking a flyer on a former top draft pick in Mims. The Jets spread out their draft compensation and land a star wide receiver for a very reasonable price.

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It's a win for Hopkins, Mims, the Jets, and even the Cardinals. Everyone wins. Everyone is happy. Everyone profits, at least in theory.