3 trade packages the NY Jets can offer for Aaron Rodgers

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
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1. The standard Aaron Rodgers trade package

This is the baseline trade package we're going to use for the three deals on this list. I don't think the Packers get a first-round pick for a 39-year-old Aaron Rodgers coming off a down year.

Combine that with Rodgers' uncertainty beyond 2023, and it seems unlikely that Green Bay will be able to get the package they're looking for. This deal, however, makes sense for both sides.

The Jets send Green Bay the 43rd overall pick in this year's draft, along with a conditional 2024 first-round pick in exchange for Rodgers. What is the condition, exactly? Well, that much could be up for debate.

As a quick side note, we're going to be dealing with conditional picks in all three trade proposals, so much like Rodgers' contract, this could get complicated.

That conditional first-round pick would likely be dependent on two factors. The first factor would be whether or not Rodgers actually plays in 2024. If he retires, the Jets wouldn't be giving up that first-round pick. Perhaps it becomes a later pick, or perhaps the pick is scrapped entirely.

The second factor could be performance. Perhaps that condition is tied to statistical achievements Rodgers could reach. Perhaps it's tied to team performance, as in the Jets reaching the playoffs, Super Bowl, etc.

Either way, the conditional element is necessary for any Rodgers trade because of the uncertainty. Even if Rodgers is traded, the future Hall of Famer will likely go through a similar song and dance about his future next offseason. It seems to be an annual tradition at this point.

Any team trading for Rodgers would want to cover their bases and protect their assets. That significantly limits what the Packers could receive in return.

Ultimately, this feels like a fair deal for both sides. The Packers receive a top-50 pick in this year's draft and could receive a first-round pick next year if the conditions are met.

This is a reasonable baseline deal.