3 things we learned from the NY Jets 2024 offseason

Some of the NY Jets' moves provide insight into how the team plans to contend in 2024.
Morgan Moses
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2. The NY Jets are changing their defensive line philosophy

The Jets are known for a heavy rotation amongst their defensive lineman, and to an extent that will not change in 2024. What will change seemingly is how they will employ those linemen.

To an extent, this started last season with the addition of Al Woods. Previously, the Jets employed a more hockey-style rotation of defensive line personnel with a clear "A-team" and "B-team" that took the field regardless of the situation. Woods' signing signaled a change towards being more situational regarding how rotations were made.

The one exception to this had been how the Jets handled the edge position. The Jets frequently deployed 290-pound John Franklin-Myers on the edge on early downs where he was a stout run defender before kicking him inside on passing downs where he was adept at rushing the passer.

When Franklin-Myers kicked inside it was often to give way to pass rushing specialist Bryce Huff. With Huff and Franklin-Myers departing and the addition of Haason Reddick combined with the expected promotion of Will McDonald, this seems to be changing.

Reddick is a better run defender than Huff, however he's no Franklin-Myers. Jermaine Johnson, the other starter, is a very solid run defender and pass rusher though he too lacks Franklin-Myers' versatility.

Essentially swapping Huff for Reddick, and jettisoning Franklin-Myers, the Jets have made it clear that they are more focused on shutting down the pass than the run on any given down.

Given that the Jets didn't have to trade Franklin-Myers, this appears to be a conscious philosophy change. The logic seems to be that the Jets with Aaron Rodgers returning and a revamped wide receiver corps will be playing with more leads and therefore want more speed to get after opposing QBs.

Whether or not it works out is anyone's guess, but generally, the practice of jettisoning quality players like Franklin-Myers who in his own right was an underrated power rusher is rarely a good one. Whatever the motivation, this is a clearly intentional move to get more speed coming off the edge more often in 2024.