3 things competent franchises did in 2023 that the NY Jets refused to do

Where did this season go wrong? Let's look at other organizations who had high hopes!

Kyle Shanahan, Trey Lance
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2. Fire the offensive coordinator: Buffalo Bills

Ken Dorsey is a very good offensive coordinator, climbing up the ranks within the Bills organization from quarterbacks coach, where he played a part in developing Josh Allen into one of the league's best players.

After 10 games this past season, Josh Allen was the league leader in total touchdowns, but Ken Dorsey was fired by the organization that had been developing him for the past four years.

The main reason for this was their 5-5 record after 10 games. Allen was also the league's leader in turnovers, and their offense was considered their crutch.

This is an offense that scored 18+ points in eight of those ten games played and had a +/- of 78 points at that point of the season, and they fired their homegrown budding coach.

By comparison, in the Jets' first 10 games, they were 4-6, scored 18+ points in only four games, and had a +/- of -54 at that point of the season.

Through ten games they are only separated by one game, both within striking distance of the playoffs, and both felt they needed a spark.

The Bills opted to fire a coordinator who was very popular with the players and staff that was producing a high-scoring unit with the league's most prolific touchdown scorer because they simply needed more if they were going to the next level.

The team rallied and won five straight games to win another AFC East title and experience more playoff success before succumbing to the rolling Kansas City Chiefs dynasty.

The Jets opted to keep their coordinator, a guy who obviously is loved by Aaron Rodgers but doesn't seem to be particularly beloved by any other player on the team. He had one of the league's worst offenses with the lowest-scoring QB room in the entire NFL.

He was safe, and the Jets would continue to lose games until they were eliminated from playoff contention and opted to worsen their draft stock with some late wins against teams picking in the top five of the 2024 NFL Draft. Speaking about the draft...