3 star wide receivers the NY Jets could target in the 2022 NFL Draft

NY Jets, Garrett Wilson
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NY Jets, Treylon Burks
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3. Treylon Burks, WR, Arkansas

Finally, I'II turn to Treylon Burks of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Burks is a 6-foot-3, 225-pound receiver who tends to work close to the line of scrimmage much like one Deebo Samuel of the 49ers does. He went for 1,104 receiving yards in 2021 with 11 touchdown catches and 16.7 yards per catch.

Burks is actually my favorite fit for Zach Wilson of the three guys I mentioned here because a guy like Burks does not require a whole lot out of Wilson.

No perfection. No perfect timing. Just hit Burks on the slant or in the flat and watch him go to work with yards after the catch. That is what makes a guy like Deebo Samuel so valuable. It is his ability to act as both a running back and wide receiver simultaneously.

If you put a Burks in this Jets offense, it speeds up the game for Mike LaFleur and Zach Wilson. The offensive line does not have to be overworked, and Wilson does not have to sit back too long in the pocket mulling over a possibly-bad decision.

Burks is obviously big as well, so his size gives him the ability to create his own openings while also giving him after-the-catch running upside to barrelling over defenders.

I can't help but love the fit of a guy like Treylon Burks in this Jets offense that is going to speed up the game for Wilson, and also lessen his workload — perhaps that is something that is best for Wilson at this particular period in time.

If I had to rank the receivers I just talked about, as far as "fitting" in the Jets offense, I'd have to say Burks goes first, then London, and then (weirdly enough) the most-talented receiver in this class, Garrett Wilson.

Do the Jets spend a first-rounder on a wideout? Only time will tell. But when it comes to the pool of applicants, all three of these guys discussed today have a lot to offer this rebuilding Jets team.

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It's about making Zach Wilson comfortable at the end of the day, and ensuring he can trust whoever he is throwing the ball to.