3 questions the NY Jets must answer against the Dolphins: Same Old Jets edition

NY Jets, Breece Hall
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2. Will Zach Wilson be able to show the same progress as he did in Pittsburgh?

Jets fans have seen flashes from quarterbacks before to give them hope. What Zach Wilson showed last week in the fourth quarter will hopefully be more of a representation of who he is rather than an aberration.

With a healthier offensive line and a full slew of playmakers at home, Wilson should be able to have a good day in his first game at MetLife Stadium this season.

He avoided a number of sacks in an impressive manner (which hurt his completion percentage but was ultimately a positive play) while making quick decisions when he had the time to do so.

There were a couple of unforced errors that led to turnovers and incompletions that should have been easy catches, but overall there was clear progress from last season from one game.

The key for Wilson this season will be to string along performances that show that improvement. The Jets can't afford to have ups and downs from the second-year player on a week-to-week basis.

This will not only make it difficult to win games but also to evaluate the long-term potential of Wilson being the quarterback on the team.

If Wilson is able to do what not many quarterbacks in recent Jets history have done and put together back-to-back impressive performances that lead to wins, it will have everyone feeling very confident in the leader of the team.