3 questions the NY Jets must answer against the Dolphins: Same Old Jets edition

NY Jets, Breece Hall
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The NY Jets sit at 2-2 heading into their first divisional matchup of the 2022 season. It is a position that Jets fans aren't used to — playing a meaningful football game to put them above .500.

The team showed some positive signs in a comeback win against the Steelers in Week 4 and will look to build off of the good at home against the Miami Dolphins.

The Jets are coming off an emotional win, now playing at home against an opponent that is riddled with injuries. This is a recipe that Jets fans are far too familiar with as it usually leads to a letdown.

This organization can establish some legitimate buzz both internally and throughout the league if they flip the script and don't do what the "same old Jets" are known to do.

There are a few questions that stand out when thinking about if this team will be able to make a statement win and not repeat history.

1. Will the NY Jets come out flat on one side of the ball?

The most challenging part of this season thus far is the inconsistency from game to game. In the first game against Baltimore, the defense was solid and the offense was bad. In the second game, the offense led the way while the defense was gashed.

For Week 3, the offense was abysmal while the defense was okay. And finally last week, they got enough out of both sides with somewhat sloppy play (albeit with game-changing plays).

While last week was the complete game the team has played thus far, there are still ways to go in putting together 60 minutes of complementary football.

It's difficult to predict which side has more of a chance to potentially disappoint, but in games like these, it usually is the case where one unit starts off slow. Taking the lead early would be a big step towards building confidence for the team and being able to dictate the style of play.

As the Dolphins come into this game down a few key players, the Jets should have killer instinct right from the start considering it is a divisional opponent.