3 questions the NY Jets must answer against the Browns in Week 2

Robert Saleh, NY Jets
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3. At the quarterback position, will the NY Jets actually play to win the game?

Whether it was during the game or after it, many fans were wondering if Joe Flacco is the best option at quarterback while the team waits for Zach Wilson to come back.

The Jets will be sticking with Flacco in Week 2 but it is a fair question to ask. With an offensive line that is struggling to gel, is a 37-year-old quarterback with limited mobility able to succeed in this offense?

One could say that Mike White or even Chris Streveler don't have the arm talent or poise that Flacco does and that's why the team is sticking with the former Super Bowl MVP.

But if the Jets see that in this game Flacco is unable to make the right decisions and is once again having poor pocket presence, wouldn't the right thing to do be to bring in someone else just to see what another option is like?

While Saleh dismissed the possibility of switching out Flacco in the middle of the game, a lot of the hesitancy about a decision like this feels like insecurity.

The staff made grandiose claims about Joe Flacco's ability as a quarterback in this league during the offseason, and to pull him out as a starter would be to admit that they were wrong.

The argument to be made for Mike White at least is that he did have a moment recently in the NFL where he showed he could make game-winning players.

While the win against the Bengals was likely a flash in the pan, even the small percentage that he could come close to replicating that performance could be worth a shot of putting him in if Flacco proceeds to underwhelm.

Having the mentality of waiting for Zach Wilson to be back to save the season is not a great mindset for the locker room and puts even more pressure on the second-year player whenever he returns.

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If the quarterback performance is anything similar to Week 1 against Cleveland, we will see if the Jets have the courage to try something different and play to win the game.