3 questions the NY Jets must answer against the Browns in Week 2

Robert Saleh, NY Jets
Robert Saleh, NY Jets / Mike Stobe/GettyImages
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The NY Jets started their season off in disappointing fashion against the Baltimore Ravens, losing 24 to 9 at home. The biggest letdown as a fan was that the game was not even competitive once it got to the second half.

After a week full of headlines focused around receipts, courtesy of head coach Robert Saleh, the stakes for Week 2 have gone up a notch.

The Jets travel to Cleveland to face a Browns team that has a lot of talent on both sides of the ball, but lack a true playmaker at the quarterback position in Jacoby Brissett.

To help answer some key questions for the Jets' second matchup of the season, we will bring it back to some classic quotes from NFL history.

1. Are the NY Jets who many doubters thought they were?

While many Jets fans were optimistic heading into the 2022 season, many doubters including sportsbooks (the over/under was set to 5.5 wins) were setting low expectations for the team.

To most in the national media, the Jets are unfortunately a laughingstock based on crazy storylines as well as terrible play over the last decade and more.

Coming into year two of the Robert Saleh regime, the thought was that at the very least the team should be competitive considering the influx of talent. The fact that there were many of the "same old Jets" mistakes throughout Week 1 was a cause for concern.

Saleh was feisty with the media this week, with a bold declaration saying "I'm taking receipts and I'm going to be more than happy to share them with all of you when all is said and done".

What he did there is create a fork-in-the-road moment to where he will either be proven right through improved play and ultimately winning games, or show that there was plenty of talk off the field but not enough done on the field to make a difference.

The path for the former option to happen will begin this week with having the team show up ready to play for a winnable game against an opponent that has nearly as mediocre of a quarterback as the Jets do.