3 players who led the NY Jets to victory in Week 6 against the Eagles

Who led the Jets to victory in Week 6?
NY Jets, Tony Adams
NY Jets, Tony Adams / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The NY Jets welcomed the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles to MetLife Stadium on Sunday. While the Jets were written as pretty big underdogs, sometimes that doesn't always tell the entire story.

Coming off their solid win against the Denver Broncos, the Jets looked to do something they never did before — defeat the Philadelphia Eagles. The game got off to a pretty slow start. As a matter of fact, the Jets didn't score a touchdown until there were less than two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

But Greg Zuerlein did his part to keep the Jets in the game. Breece Hall would be gifted a touchdown from the Eagles to give the Jets the 20-14 lead. That's how the game would end, and here are three players who led the team to that victory.

3. Bryce Huff, DE, NY Jets

Bryce Huff has been having himself a heck of a season. Entering the season as a restricted free agent, some may say it's time for the Jets should extend him. It's hard to argue with that notion at this point.

In Sunday's game, Huff finished with 1.5 sacks and nine total pressures, including an important third-down sack on Jalen Hurts in the middle of the fourth quarter. This brought Jake Elliott to the field to attempt a very makable field goal, but he missed, keeping the score at 14-12.

Over the past three weeks, Huff now has 24 pressures and 2.5 sacks. In Sunday's game against the Eagles, Huff generated a career-high nine pressures on 28 pass-rushes. So, just a reminder in case anyone forgot... EXTEND BRYCE HUFF.

2. Jermaine Johnson, DE, NY Jets

Jermaine Johnson entered the season with a lot of hype, and over the last two weeks, he's begun to show why that hype was warranted.

In last week's game against Denver, Jets fans saw more of what Johnson had to offer. He finished with three total tackles and picked up a sack in the process. In Sunday's game, we saw more of the same from Johnson.

In the second quarter, Johnson landed a big hit on Dallas Goedert to knock a ball out, leading to a Quinnen Williams interception. This would happen again at the beginning of the fourth quarter, as Johnson got to Hurts and caused an uncharacteristic interception from him.

1. Tony Adams, S, NY Jets

Former undrafted rookie Tony Adams has had a quiet and inconsistent start to the 2023 season, but that changed on Sunday.

Adams decided to play the role of hero for the Jets, intercepting Jalen Hurts with the Jets down 14-12 with under two minutes remaining in the game. He would run the interception back for 45 yards to put the Jets within 10 yards of the goal line.

This led to the Eagles giving Breece Hall the touchdown to try to preserve some clock. However, this play made all the difference and is the reason the Jets won.

The Jets now head into the bye week at 3-3. Six weeks after losing Aaron Rodgers, the Jets' season seemed all but lost. It's safe to say that nobody can say that now.