3 outside-the-box trade proposals the NY Jets could explore post-draft

NY Jets, Corey Davis
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NY Jets, Denzel Mims
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2. The NY Jets could move wide receiver Denzel Mims

This is a pretty obvious trade that could end up happening as the upcoming season approaches the trade deadline.

Ever since being drafted in 2020, Denzel Mims has been sitting at the tail end of the depth chart waiting for a chance to prove his worth.

However, as time has gone on, the Jets have signed players such as Corey Davis, and Keelan Cole, and drafted second-round pick Elijah Moore, forcing Mims down the depth chart.

The Jets' front office has shown that Mims does not have a rotational role on this roster, and the ability for him to find a WR3 or WR4 spot somewhere else is possible.

Last season he recorded just 133 receiving yards, and through his short two-year career, he has brought in 31 receptions for 490 yards and zero touchdowns. The lack of productivity is extremely prevalent.

Although Mims is a former second-round pick, his value is in no shape or form of a second-round pick, so settling for a fourth or even a later pick makes a lot of sense here.

In this trade, the Jets move on from Mims and give him a fresh start elsewhere, while also getting solid trade value in return.

The Saints, however, bring in another young wide receiver to freshen their receiver room in the absence of Michael Thomas.