3 outside-the-box trade proposals the NY Jets could explore post-draft

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1. The NY Jets could move wide receiver Corey Davis

Now, this might be the most controversial take in the entirety of this article. Corey Davis has probably been one of the most consistently average players in recent years. He recorded just 34 receptions and 492 yards through nine games last season.

For a player who had a $13 million cap hit last season, which amounted to seventh in the NFL out of all wide receivers, the production is drastically underwhelming and this isn't the first time the NFL has seen his lack of production.

Throughout the entirety of Davis' career to this point, he's averaging just around 669 yards a season, which does not warrant a three-year $37.5 million dollar contract.

In the draft, general manager Joe Douglas decided on taking former Ohio State standout Garrett Wilson. Wilson now has a prime opportunity to do what Ja'Marr Chase did with the Bengals, and that's being the WR1 on a young roster.

In the upcoming season, his cap hit will be slotted at roughly $10 million, and moving his contract would open up more possibilities for the front office.

If this trade were to happen, the addition of Jacob Phillips would greatly add to the lackluster linebacking group in New York.

Phillips sits at a young age of 23-years-old having recorded just 42 tackles and one sack in 13 career games. With such a deep linebacker room, and unlucky injuries plaguing Phillips, he has not had the opportunity to showcase what he may have to provide to a team.

One thing we know about the Cleveland Browns is that they are in dire need of wide receivers to pair with recently acquired quarterback Deshaun Watson.

In this trade, the Browns get themselves a much-needed WR2, and the Jets bring in a promising young linebacker and another pick in the coming 2023 NFL Draft.