3 options for the NY Jets to solve their OT problem

How can the Jets fix their offensive tackle problem?
NY Jets, David Bakhtiari
NY Jets, David Bakhtiari / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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1. The NY Jets could trade for David Bakhtiari

This is the dream option for Jets fans and the front office and most certainly is not realistic. This has been rumored all year once Rodgers proclaimed he was interested in joining Gang Green. Some even thought the Jets would offer more picks to Green Bay in exchange for Rodgers AND David Bakhtiari back in March.

Rumors are swirling again, though, as Rodgers took a massive pay cut for exactly this type of move. He also tagged Bakhtiari in his most recent Instagram post, specifically tagging him on his "backside." Rodgers and Bakhtiari have also publicly commented on how solid their friendship is and how badly they would like to team up again.

That said, Green Bay has no incentive to move Bakhtiari who is their franchise left tackle and one of the best in the sport. They want him around to help develop new quarterback Jordan Love and would certainly demand a lot in return.

Additionally, Bakhtiari is due an enormous amount of money over the next two years. His cap hit this year is over $21 million and rises to over $40 million next year, according to Spotrac. Although Rodgers did take the pay cut, the Jets still do not have that kind of money without getting rid of some big contracts.

The final reason this doesn't work is because of what this would mean for the Jets in terms of their players. By bringing in someone like Bakhtiari, they would essentially be admitting that Mekhi Becton is done with the team. Although they might be close to this decision, I don't think they are quite there yet and will give Becton an opportunity first.