3 options the NY Jets have at quarterback after Derek Carr signed

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal
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2. The NY Jets can trade for Lamar Jackson

If the Jets do miss out on both Derek Carr and Aaron Rodgers, there's seemingly only one way to land the high-upside quarterback they've been searching for. They would need to trade for Lamar Jackson.

I'd expect the Jets to pivot pretty significantly to Jackson if Rodgers decides to stay in Green Bay or retire. It's not often a 26-year-old franchise quarterback becomes available. That said, Jackson has his own set of red flags.

Jackson has also dealt with injury concerns and is looking for Deshaun Watson-like, market-changing money. That's not even considering the draft capital it would require to trade for him.

Still, this is Lamar Jackson we're talking about. He's a former MVP who, when healthy, is one of the most dynamic, electric quarterbacks in the entire NFL. He'd be the best QB the Jets have had since Joe Namath, and it wouldn't be particularly close.

The Jets haven't exactly gone all-in on the Jackson market, but that could change if Rodgers is out of the picture. That's especially true if the Baltimore Ravens use the non-exclusive franchise tag on their star quarterback.

The Ravens might not want to trade Jackson within the AFC, but that wouldn't matter if they use the non-exclusive tag, which allows Jackson to negotiate with other teams at the cost of what would be two first-round picks if the Ravens don't match.

There's a realistic scenario that the Jets would be able to trade for Jackson, and it's a scenario they should absolutely explore if they miss out on Rodgers. This is the exciting and expensive scenario.