3 NY Jets takeaways from huge upset victory over Eagles in Week 6

The Jets have STUNNED the Eagles. Domination, big plays and saving behinds were the stories of the day.
NY Jets, Tony Adams
NY Jets, Tony Adams / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The NY Jets managed to score an incredible upset victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 6. Let's take a look at some of the most notable takeaways from this improbable Jets win.

1. The NY Jets defensive line is dominant

In my matchups for the week leading into this game, my first choice was the Jets defensive line and the Eagles offensive line. When you can make Philly get away from the run and stop grinding the clock, it keeps your defense fresh, and the Jets needed them in the fourth quarter if they were going to have a shot.

Not only did they give the team a shot, they took over the game.

Philly’s running backs were only able to gain 33 yards on the ground, forcing them into third-and-longs and having to get away from their game plan. The last thing they want is for Jalen Hurts to have to throw the ball 45 times, but that’s exactly what the Jets made them do.

Some drops, some missed throws; all of a sudden, it’s the fourth quarter, they only have a two-point lead, and they can’t keep bleeding the clock because they cannot sustain drives.

Quinnen Williams was even able to grab an interception for the d-line, showing off some pretty quick hands for a 300-pounder off a deflection.

This was as impressive as the defense has been so far this season, holding an undefeated team to 14 points and giving them their first loss. But it was the defensive line’s dominance that led the squad and kept the momentum even when the offense had some tough drives.

2. The turnover battle decided this game

Winning the turnover battle is crucial in any game, but winning it by four and not committing any? That almost guarantees a victory.

The defense was the star of the team. Getting Jalen Hurts to throw it to the wrong team three times when he has all those weapons at his disposal is a huge accomplishment. But the offense should absolutely be commended for avoiding any of those crucial mistakes.

There were some ugly plays, but Zach Wilson did a hell of a job taking the beating and avoiding pressure while keeping possession of the ball.

The mistakes Hurts made are the killer ones we have seen Wilson and Jets QBs make forever, like the final interception that essentially handed the Jets the lead with under two minutes to go. But on Sunday, up against one of the best teams in the league, it was New York’s QB who made smart decisions and finished the job.

3. Robert Saleh needed the defense to bail him out

Maybe the blame should be put on whoever is in charge of seeing the replay upstairs and letting Saleh know whether or not to challenge. Regardless, throwing that challenge flag put the Jets on the brink of defeat before their final interception of Hurts bailed them out.

Watching the game with the sound muted, it was clear within 15 seconds of the play’s conclusion that A.J. Brown made the long catch down the sideline. Being down that late in the game, you have to be 100% sure any challenge you try will go your way.

Instead, it seemed like Saleh was looking to get bailed out by some tiny little jiggle of the ball as Brown went down out of bounds, the types of plays that football fans hate to see not ruled as a catch. Hoping for the refs to bail you out put the Jets at a further disadvantage than they were already at.

At least for Jets fans, they didn’t need the refs to bail out Saleh — their defense took care of that. They put Philly in third-and-long again, Hurts was forced to throw, and he got jumped by Tony Adams. Adams’ play could not have been bigger, giving the offense the ball back and returning it inside Philly’s 10-yard line.

Saleh’s team pulled off an insane upset, despite him blowing an invaluable timeout for the situation they were in. With a defense this dominant, confidence growing in Zach Wilson, and hopes Saleh will not repeat this kind of mistake, who knows what this Jets team could look like at the end of the season?

Perhaps… playoff-worthy?