3 potential NY Jets sleepers in fantasy football this season

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2. NY Jets' wide receiver Garrett Wilson has FLEX potential

2022 Prediction: 175.0 Total Fantasy Points, 10.3 PPG

Wide receivers may be one of the most impossible positions to account for when drafting in fantasy football, but Garrett Wilson may be an exception.

Wilson dominated throughout the entirety of his college career recording 1,134 scrimmage yards to go along with 13 touchdowns last season alone.

One of the most notorious statistical measurements to showcase Wilson's pure dominance is in his average yards-per-play where he recorded an average of 15.8 yards over the course of his entire college career.

Wilson showed throughout college that he is a versatile route runner who can align anywhere on the field and still win his desired matchups.

For fantasy football players, you're always looking for that player who can extend plays and get those extra few yards. That's something Wilson can do.

Pushing forward and gaining extra yardage increases a player's points which could be the difference in winning or losing your week.

If the Garrett Wilson to Zach Wilson connection forms strongly in the preseason, he could potentially be slotted as a FLEX or WR2, giving way to solid fantasy numbers.

The only downside to Wilson's potential production in fantasy football could be the crowded wide receiver room, but one thing we have seen is that Wilson loves to separate himself from the crowd.

Wilson should be selected in almost every fantasy football league, and if YOU have the opportunity to take him in the later rounds of your fantasy football draft, passing up on the rookie may come back to haunt you.