3 NY Jets players who need to be rated higher in Madden

Madden 24 was not kind to the Jets...
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Mike Stobe/GettyImages
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NY Jets fans have even more reason to be mad at Madden 24 this year. EA is not only funneling players towards predatory loot boxes and microtransactions while failing to add features and improve the overall quality of the product, but they are also siphoning the power out of the digital Jets.

As fans try to start up Franchise mode (which has received minimal significant changes in the last half-decade), they might see one of the best teams in the AFC severely underpowered.

The disrespect handed out to the Jets in this game is palpable, as a team that is projected by many to compete for championships with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback was given such a paltry rating.

The Jets have multiple players that didn't get quite a fair shake from the rating masters over at EA, and they likely will be able to change their minds if they start the season off hot. These three players stand out as players that already seem way too low for players as talented as they are.

3. Duane Brown, OT, NY Jets (76)

Duane Brown being regarded as a replacement-level tackle by the wizards down in Tiburon shows how little 2022 Jets offensive film was watched before this game came out. The potential Hall of Fame tackle was one of the team's unsung heroes last season.

Brown played most of the season with a debilitating injury that limited what he could do physically, and he was still one of the team's best linemen last year. Brown, at his best, remains a high-end starter on the fringes of Pro Bowl level.

With Zach Wilson being such unwatchable dreck that the offensive got unfairly maligned at a sieve that gives up pressures all the time, Brown was also knocked down a peg. Alijah Vera-Tucker being a 79 overall is equally as irritating of a rating to put forth.

If we are going to take EA's word for this, Brown went from a Pro Bowl tackle with the Seattle Seahawks at age 36 and became a replacement-level player immediately after joining the Jets. A healthy Brown will have all the tools needed at his disposal to prove that rating wrong.