3 NY Jets who can dominate in fantasy football this year

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2. Elijah Moore, WR, NY Jets

2021 Statistics: 95.2 Total Fantasy Points, 8.7 PPG

2022 Prediction: 165.0 Total Fantasy Points, 9.7 PPG

After a rookie season that saw consistent targets when on the field, Elijah Moore can be a solid pickup for fantasy football players in the 2022 season.

I would be high on Moore due to his capabilities in both the receiving game and quick play that could warrant the ability for sweeps and running opportunities. These situations often give wideouts plenty of extra points during games.

In 2021, Moore ran the ball five times for a total of 54 yards which already showcases that he has the talent to contribute as a two-way player similar to Deebo Samuel's usage on the 49ers last season.

Moore will compete with veteran Corey Davis, and rookie Garrett Wilson, but other than those two on the roster, the second-year wideout will continue to stay in the top three on the depth chart providing consistent points.

In 2021, Moore hauled in five touchdowns, and in the upcoming season, I would make a strong prediction that he could reach upwards of eight touchdowns if given the right looks.

Where would I take Elijah Moore?

Look to take Elijah Moore toward the fifth or sixth round if you have 8-12 members in your league. Moore will be a sleeper this year until he proves himself on the field, grab him early on to secure a potential breakout star in New York.