3 new NY Jets players who will be upgrades this season

These Jets will make an impact immediately
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The NY Jets were well aware of the fact that keeping the roster from 2023 largely unchanged would be tantamount to malpractice heading into one of the most important seasons in franchise history. Joe Douglas responded by giving every level of the offense a fresh coat of paint.

Between some of the new additions around Aaron Rodgers and some fairly noteworthy moves on the defensive side of the ball, the Jets are ready to take the league by storm. With seven standalone games in their first 11 weeks, the NFL is just as excited to see this Jets team as the rest of the fanbase is.

If everything goes according to plan, these three new additions to the team should be so impactful in areas of need that New York finally gets out of the doldrums. Making the postseason would snap the longest postseason drought currently active in the four major North American leagues.

3 new NY Jets players who will be upgrades this season

3. WR Malachi Corley

The Jets may have had interest in Rome Odunze when they were picking in the first round, but Douglas managed to pull off a few very crafty moves on Day 2 to land a player New York had higher on their board than some first-round picks. The Deebo Samuel clone from Western Kentucky should start the season as the No. 3 wide receiver.

Corley made his name as a YAC superstar who dominates when he gets the ball in his hands. With the Jets likely trying to get the ball out of Aaron Rodgers' hands as quickly as possible, Corley's ability to make something out of nothing could help him get on the field over Allen Lazard.

The NY Jets will lean on Malachi Corley as a rookie.

Corley's ceiling will be determined by how effectively he picks up a route tree that is more vertical than the horizontal one he had in college. Given his solid speed, quality hands, and fairly worthwhile ball skills, the bones of a successful player in that area are very much there.

Corley landed in a perfect situation for a rookie, as he will have two Pro Bowl talents taking attention away from him while a legend of the game in Rodgers throws him the ball. If Rodgers trusts his command of the offense, Corley should be a big part of the Jets' offense next season.