3 keys to a NY Jets victory in Week 5 against the Denver Broncos

How can the Jets get past the Broncos today?
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

Coming off a tough loss to the Kansas City Chiefs last week, the NY Jets will be traveling to Colorado to take on the Denver Broncos. After the Jets won their opening game of the season, they fell to the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, and Kansas City Chiefs consecutively to find themselves at 1-3 in the early going of the new campaign.

Last Sunday was one of the toughest losses for the Jets in a long time. One of the biggest positives to take from this game, however, was the performance of a lifetime from Zach Wilson.

Unfortunately, this game came down to the referees, and the Jets couldn't overcome both the Chiefs and the refs combined. With their upcoming game against the Broncos, how can the Jets get back into the win column? Here are the three keys to a Jets victory.

3. Nathaniel Hackett revenge game

This past offseason, the newly acquired Denver Broncos head coach, Sean Payton, had a few choice words to say about the Jets' new offensive coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett.

Payton essentially chewed Hackett out for his horrible coaching job in Denver last season (spoiler alert: Sean Payton hasn't done much better). While some of it had truth, it nonetheless did not sit right with Hackett or the Jets locker room.

Hackett came out recently and said he has had zero contact with Payton since those comments. Simply put, this is 100% going to be a revenge game for Nathaniel Hackett.

Expect to see Jets players ball out to attempt to teach a lesson to the entire Broncos organization on both offense and defense to try to prove a point, similar to what they did in Week 4.

2. Pressure Russell Wilson early and often

Russell Wilson had one of the worst seasons of his entire career last year. With the Broncos expected to be a force to be reckoned with, they seemingly went from bad to worse after acquiring Wilson. This season has been a bit different for the sure-fire future Hall-of-Famer.

In his four games so far, Wilson has thrown for 1,014 yards and nine touchdown passes. However, perhaps the most impressive stat is that he has only thrown two interceptions. The interceptions were a big deal for him last year, as he finished with 11. He's seemingly found his mojo again.

Despite the Broncos being 1-3, they still have a very good passing offense. Last week against the Chicago Bears, Wilson threw for 223 yards and three touchdown passes and would go on to finish with a rating of 133.5. The Jets' defense must get to Wilson early and often to not allow him to get comfortable and start airing the ball out.

1. Zach Wilson must continue to silence his critics

Zach Wilson has been an Achilles heel for the better part of his time with the Jets. Last season, he was one of the worst quarterbacks in the league, and it really wasn't even close. After getting off to an iffy start to the season, Wilson had the best game of his career on Sunday Night at home against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The young Jets quarterback finished the game throwing for 245 yards and two touchdown passes. He had zero interceptions and finished the game with a quarterback rating of 105.2. In doing so, he became the first quarterback to outperform Patrick Mahomes in a way that no other QB has done before.

The biggest key to victory for the Jets lies in the confidence, or lack thereof, of their young quarterback. Unfortunately, Wilson couldn't control what happened with the referees last Sunday night.

However, today, he will be tasked with defeating a very beatable team and continuing to ball out like he did against the Super Bowl champions.