3 interesting stats from the NY Jets Week 11 loss to the Dolphins

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NY Jets, Bryce Hall
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1. NY Jets CB Bryce Hall's elite day

Lost in the shuffle of the Jets' abysmal defensive performances in recent weeks has been that Bryce Hall continues to play excellent football. And Sunday's performance might have been his best showing of the season.

Hall finished with a Pro Football Focus coverage grade of 90.5 which was the second-highest grade out of all cornerbacks in the NFL in Week 11.

The former Virginia standout surrendered four catches on five targets, but those catches resulted in just 21 total yards. He didn't allow a catch longer than seven yards and didn't give up a single first down.

Bryce Hall was elite against the Dolphins. And what's interesting about it is the way he was used.

Hall has been exclusively a LCB this season with the Jets opting against matching their cornerbacks. That became a point of criticism against the Buffalo Bills with the likes of Brandin Echols and Javelin Guidry opposing and getting abused by Stefon Diggs.

The Jets changed their approach a bit in Week 11 allowing Hall to match for the first time this season. He still played primarily at LCB, but he received his first 17 snaps at RCB in this game.

I'd chalk that more up to the team's (justified) mistrust of Isaiah Dunn than a reaction to the Bills game, but it was still encouraging to see Hall excel despite a slight change in position.

Bryce Hall has been really, really good in 2021. And Sunday's game might have been his finest performance to date.