3 hypothetical trades that would transform the NY Jets' draft

The Jets could make a big splash with these draft trades

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NY Jets trade up to No. 6 overall

Mar. 22 Draft Trade 3

  • NY Jets acquire: No. 6 overall
  • NY Giants acquire: No. 10, No. 72, and No. 185 overall

A good old-fashioned trade between both New York teams would make for incredible conversation, especially if the Jets traded for a wide receiver who turned into a future Pro Bowler, or even better, a Hall of Famer.

It seems very likely that the Vikings could trade up to No. 4 overall to draft a quarterback, which would mean one of Marvin Harrison Jr. or Malik Nabers would be available at No. 6 overall.

As much as the Giants would probably love one of those players, they could still draft a top-three wide receiver by trading back to No. 10 with the Jets.

Between No. 7 and No. 9, we're most likely to see players like Joe Alt, Dallas Turner, and Jared Verse be selected, which would leave Odunze or Bowers still there at No. 10.

Sure, the Jets could not give up any draft capital and be happy with one of Odunze or Bowers, but it feels like Harrison Jr., and Nabers are a class above those guys.

Odunze or Bowers would obviously make this offense better, but Nabers and Harrison Jr. could make this offense the best in football, as they'll most likely be top candidates for the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award in 2024.

This is the one year where you have to risk it all and go get one of either Harrison Jr., or Nabers, so this trade with the Giants could get it done, especially if the Vikings trade up to No. 4 to draft a quarterback.