3 hypothetical trades that would transform the NY Jets' draft

The Jets could make a big splash with these draft trades

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NY Jets trade down to No. 12 overall

Mar. 22 Draft Trade 2

  • NY Jets acquire: No. 12, No. 145, and No. 147 overall
  • Denver Broncos acquire: No. 10, No. 185 overall

Even though it probably makes the most sense to trade up, the Jets could get creative if the Denver Broncos want to leap-frog the Minnesota Vikings and grab their future quarterback.

The Chicago Bears, Washington Commanders, and New England Patriots are all expected to select a quarterback with the first three picks, but after that, we have no idea where the next quarterback will fall.

There have been reports that the Vikings will want to trade up to No. 4, but there have also been some mock drafts predicting that the New York Giants will draft one at No. 6.

The Vikings hold the No. 11 and No. 23 overall picks, so they seem the likeliest to move up, but if nobody wants to make a splash with them, this is where the Broncos could be inclined to trade up.

If the Jets trade from No. 10 to No. 12, it seems virtually impossible that Rome Odunze will still be available, but Brock Bowers or offensive tackle Taliese Fuaga could be. Although the Jets bolstered its offensive line in free agency, they could always use another player to help, in case of injury.

As much as I don't love the idea of trading back, the Jets currently only have one draft pick between No. 134 and No. 256, so adding the No. 145 and No. 147 pick would really help them.

Whether they use those picks or bulk those and trade up, having that capital could be more important than drafting at No. 10 this year. The Jets could still acquire great talent while gaining a lot more resources.