3 bold predictions for the NY Jets Week 12 game against the Texans

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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NY Jets
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1. The NY Jets win a football game

For a 2-8 team, this is always a bold prediction. Even with the Jets set to take on a fellow 2-8 squad in the Texans, they remain the underdogs going into this game, partially because they're on the road.

Both of these teams are bad. There's no debating that. Sunday's game might very well come down to which team is the least bad on that particular day.

But maybe, just maybe, that team will be the Jets.

The Texans are coming off their best game of the season, a 22-13 victory over the No. 1 seed Tennessee Titans in Week 11. It was their first victory since Week 1 after they lost eight straight.

The Texans' defense forced four interceptions from Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill who put together his worst performance of his Tennessee career.

But will they have the same success against the Jets? Their other recent outings would indicate they wouldn't.

The Jets, ignited by the return of Zach Wilson, and aided by an offense that has totaled more yards since Week 8 than any other NFL team entering Week 12, come away with the victory.

Book it.