3 biggest concerns for the NY Jets heading into the 2022 season

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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If you are looking for a rosy take on the NY Jets' prospects for the 2022 season, I suggest you look elsewhere. There are many avenues on social media and online that will cater to your likes by playing fan service.

Perhaps it's a cliche for a longtime Jets fan to have a jaded outlook on the team heading into every season. After all, hope is more fun to attach yourself to, but when it comes to the green, white, and now sometimes black and their proven recent history, it's challenging not to foresee doom and gloom in the team's skies.

The recent happenings in Jets land just days before the season starts have only heightened that feeling. More on that momentarily.

The offseason is always more enjoyable for Jets supporters. However misguided, there's an air of hope that builds up steam as the months go by.

And the benefit to being so down in the dumps like the Jets have been for a long time is that there is nowhere to go but up. That's precisely the position the Jets have been in the last few years.

You can't lose games in the offseason. Everyone is undefeated. But then reality hits when the season starts, and a team's flaws come to light. Once they begin counting wins and losses, cute inflated pass-rush efficiency grades and overhype for certain players and coaches fade away quickly.

There's no doubt that the Jets' roster has gotten more talented (on paper) under the Joe Douglas/Robert Saleh regime, but until proven otherwise, and until the team starts winning games, expectations for the Jets' prospects must be tempered.

The Jets have several flaws and concerns heading into the first game of their season at home against the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday, but here's a list of three primary concerns that could hold the team back from making real progress.