2024 NFL Mock Draft: 4 QBs in top 12, NY Jets land franchise left tackle

Who will land a game-changing player in the 2024 Draft?

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The 2023 NFL season has officially come to an end for 18 of the league's 32 teams, and a further six will meet their fate when the first round of the playoffs concludes. For teams like the NY Jets, 2024 also brings new hopes that the failures of yesteryear won't come back.

With another strong crop of quarterback prospects out there to entice the weary populace alongside a collection of skill position players that look poised to make immediate impacts. With so many teams regressing offensively, this talent is sorely needed.

In the first salvo fired during the ceaseless battlefield of takes that is draft season, let's take a stab at what each of the 32 teams out there will do to better themselves. Note that the draft order was taken from Tankathon.com for this exercise.

2024 NFL Mock Draft: QBs dominate top of order

1. Chicago Bears (from Carolina Panthers): Drake Maye, QB, UNC

For the sake of this mock draft, the Bears traded Justin Fields to the Atlanta Falcons and added another sensational quarterback prospect. Drake Maye beats out Caleb Williams here, as his superior pocket presence, equally strong arm, and consistent accuracy make him a player every GM would relish the chance to take.

2. Washington Commanders: Caleb Williams, QB, USC

Williams, a DC native, has as high a ceiling as any player in this class at any position. His whip-like arm is special, and his playmaking out of structure is truly one of a kind. The Commanders are resetting with a new regime, and giving them Williams to play with could supercharge the rebuild.

NFL Mock Draft: Caleb Williams was picked after Drake Maye

3. New England Patriots: Jayden Daniels, QB, LSU

Daniels is a bit skinny and might be viewed as a one-year wonder to some, but his Heisman Trophy was deserved. With dead-eye accuracy and great mobility that will help him make plays immediately, Daniels is all set up to help whoever coaches the Patriots remake the offense.

4. Arizona Cardinals: Marvin Harrison Jr, WR, Ohio State

Kyler Murray isn't going anywhere, so why not get him the best receiver prospect in a decade? It's hard to think of an area where Harrison does not excel, which should give Arizona the easiest job of any of the top teams. Take Harrison if he's available, and don't look back at all.

5. Los Angeles Chargers: Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia

Bowers is as dominant a prospect as Kyle Pitts, who went No. 4 overall in 2021, was in college. The Chargers could use a lineman on either side of the ball, but getting Herbert a tight end locked down for the next 10 seasons could be too enticing an opportunity to pass up.

6. New York Giants: Malik Nabers, WR, LSU

The Giants seem willing to give Daniel Jones another shot, which means a QB pick would likely come on Day 2 or 3. The least they can do is give Jones another wide receiver who can rip off big plays down the field, as Nabers did with frightening regularity at LSU.