2022 NY Jets wide receiver depth chart shaping up to be big asset

NY Jets, Elijah Moore, Braxton Berrios
NY Jets, Elijah Moore, Braxton Berrios / Steven Ryan/GettyImages
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2. What are the biggest con's of the 2022 NY Jets wide receiver group?

The Jets have improved in so many ways ahead of the 2022/23 season, and while the wide receiver unit looks as good as any this organization has ever seen, there is certainly still some question marks over them.

Davis and Moore both sustained season ending injuries in 2021, and beyond that, they don't have any pass catchers who have established, successful careers in the NFL.

Neither injuries are ones that could shorten either players career, but given the lack of experienced depth, it's something to keep an eye on. If the team can remain healthy, there's no limit to what they can do, but until they stay healthy, it will always be a question mark.

3. Who will be the biggest stud for the NY Jets wide receiver group?

Corey Davis will be looking to come back from a disappointing year one with the Jets, and Garrett Wilson will be looking to make his mark too. While No. 84 and No. 17 will have great years, it's the Jets standout from 2021 that will have the best year.

For a stretch in 2021, Elijah Moore was putting up numbers comparable to anyone in the entire NFL, but unfortunately, his season was cut short by an injury. If he can stay healthy in 2022, he could put up some historic numbers for this franchise.

Given his output from a year ago, it's not crazy to expect Moore to finish the season with 1,000+ yards receiving and 10 or more touchdown's, and if he can do this, Zach Wilson will in turn have a great year for this franchise too.