2022 NY Jets spring depth chart preview: Linebackers

NY Jets, C.J. Mosley
NY Jets, C.J. Mosley / Al Pereira/GettyImages
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NY Jets, Quincy Williams
NY Jets, Quincy Williams / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

2. What are the cons of the 2022 NY Jets linebacker group?

On the flip side of that, a lack of experience can lead to plenty of mistakes, and even with the veteran Mosley leading them, this group will no doubt be exposed at points throughout the upcoming season.

The athleticism, youthful energy, and intensity of this group will no doubt lead them to make plays, but NFL coaches and QBs are masters of making adjustments, and that may spell doom for this unit.

If the Jets can take the next step in 2022, then linebacker will be a group they can turn their focus to ahead of the 2023 season. While this unit won't be the cause of the Jets' downfall, they will certainly leak some points in 2022.

3. Who will be the biggest stud for the 2022 NY Jets linebacker group?

While Quincy Williams has a good chance to be a very good player in the NFL, he isn't quite at the level needed to consistently contribute for the Jets. Therefore, the biggest stud for this group is going to be their leader, C.J. Mosley.

He may not be the pure athlete he once was prior to his time off, but he is one of the smartest defensive players in the league, and his leadership alone will help elevate this Jets defense in 2022.

Mosley remains one of the most influential linebackers in the NFL, as he made several game-changing plays in 2021. If the Jets want to take the next step up as a team in 2022, then Mosley will need to be at his best all year long.