The 20 best draft picks in NY Jets franchise history

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18. Al Toon, WR, NY Jets (10th overall - 1985)

Al Toon is not Jerry Rice. And for some, that's enough to remove him from contention on this list entirely. Toon was drafted by the Jets with the 10th overall pick in the 1985 NFL Draft, six spots before the San Francisco 49ers selected the greatest wide receiver of all time.

Toon will forever be compared to Rice, but that shouldn't take away from how talented of a player he was in his own right. In fact, if not for concussion issues, Toon may very well have joined Rice in the Hall of Fame one day.

The Wisconsin product only played eight seasons in the NFL, but he made a significant impact during that time. Toon was named to three Pro Bowls, named first-team All-Pro in 1986, and was eventually inducted into the Jets' Ring of Honor.

Toon's story will always be one of "what could've been." But it's important to also recognize what he was able to accomplish before he was forced to retire prior to his 30th birthday.

He isn't Jerry Rice, but he's still Al Toon. That's more than enough.

17. Dan Alexander, OG, NY Jets (200th overall - 1977)

Most Jets fans who didn't grow up watching the team in the '80s might not be too familiar with Dan Alexander, but he was a mainstay of the Jets' offensive line for well over a decade.

Drafted all the way in the eighth round, 200th overall, back in 1977, Alexander was originally supposed to compete at defensive tackle before he found himself switching positions.

He took over the starting right guard job as a rookie, and wouldn't miss a game for nearly a decade. Alexander started 12 years with the Jets and ranks sixth all-time in games played with the franchise.

Alexander earns a spot on this list not just due to his longevity, but because of where he was drafted. From an eight-round pick to a decade-plus starter, Alexander deserves to be considered one of the best Jets draft picks of all time.